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If you have seen Sabino’s work at a Gallery or On-Line and like to write him a comment favorable or unfavorable, please do. The Artist needs to hear from you, it is necessary and guides him to explore.

N. Castellano


Frank G.

I spend time at the library reading. I love reading, last week I glanced to my left and did a double take.  The Gallery looked like a Gallery, with large paintings on the walls, I turned and began looking.  I read the Bio of the Artist.  I can’t say that I could compare Mr. Caputo to Artists that I am familiar with, this work was different. I have never seen anything quite like it. I concluded that this is interesting and unique art. I enjoy the bright colors and the way straight edged shapes composed the subject. (I would hang any up in my house if someone gave it to me for my birthday, but I probably wouldn buy it myself if it was on sale.) I appreciated the technical skill it took to create such paintings, I certainly recognize the combined elements of “impressionism and modernism”. I liked the work.

Allison C. B.

What a pleasant surprise. The Bay Shore/Brightwaters Library Gallery showing Art that belongs in Chelsea. The painting evoked mood. These painting engender in me the emotion that inspired the artist to paint the subject. The feeling was there, the painting titled: 9/11 certainly brought tears to my eyes.The moment drew into the painting and remembered it all over again. I liked the show and sure to see it again this month. Good work.

Daniel T. H.

Strolling on Main Street in Bridgehampton, my girlfriend and I bumped into this girl handing cards apparently promoting a Portrait Photographer. We would have walked passed the Gallery if it werent for her invitation to see the Paintings. We did. It was one wall actually with a dozen paintings, from Wildflowers, Wild Horses, Abstracts, Broadway and Subway Rider. The still life work that made use of chiaroscuro or strong colors value contrasts to enhance effectiveness. Different. Keep it up.

Eleanor V. R.

I saw the work in Bridgehampton, your paintings were well-designed, balanced without being static and boring. I couldn’t afford your Paintings. 

Richard M.

I liked the work. Paint applied skillfully. The competent and effectual handling of one’s medium is crucial to a professional appearance. I like to see carefully-placed shapes forming a subject and a technique that’s consistent without being boring. It’s a definite style. My compliments.

Ted A.

I dined at a restaurant on Jobs Lane, Southampton and right outside the window was this small Art Gallery. Our eyes kept going inside to the paintings, on our way out we stepped in the tiny Gallery. We were impressed by this Art. No curves, just straight lines. Yet you could plainly see the curvature of the subjects. Although every square inch of the painting was interesting, yet none of it was more interesting than the center of interest. Lines, whether actual or implied, did point to this all-important area and not out of the painting. Maximum contrast, in value, color, shape or texture. Nice. Love “The Taxi”.

Laura J.

I think that these are good painting because the artist uses a different style to create the image and useing many different colors. The contrast between the shaded area and the light area shows that it is night on Broadway.  Sabino uses different colors and values I see, and creates a unique texture through his style of painiting. What can I say, you are DIFFERENT. Hope to see more of your work.